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Install and run

  1. Install hugo
  2. git clone --recurse-submodules
  3. cd metagnosis
  4. hugo server
  5. Go to localhost:1313

Multilingual Content

This uses and it's a multilingual theme

Multilingual content is separated by the folder structure:

  • content/english or content/french, etc
  • Reused phrases are in i18n/en.yaml, i18n/fr.yaml, etc
  • The text for the homepage and associated widgets is content/english/, content/french/, etc.


  • Articles

    • Article in content/articles/NAME_OF_ARTICLE/
    • Header image for article at content/articles/NAME_OF_ARTICLE/header_image.jpg
    • Frontmatter
      • date: "”
      • title: "”
      • draft: true|false
      • header_image_credit: "”
      • header_image_credit_link: “https://”
      • license: "”
      • authors: ["",""]
      • tags: ["",""]
      • pinned: “no”
      • sourcename: "” # Name of the source website for the article when republishing
      • sourcelink: "” # Link to the source website for the article when republishing
  • Authors

    • Author in content/authors/NAME_OF_ARTICLE/
    • Header image for author at content/articles/NAME_OF_ARTICLE/header_image.jpg
    • data
  • Pages

    • Page in content/articles/NAME_OF_ARTICLE/


metagnosis takes special interest in what licenses are used, thus each article can be licensed differenty. The ‘license’ key used in the article fronmatter is refenced to web addresses in data/licenses.toml.


Colors (and anything else really) can be changed by editing static/local-css/local.css

This is the source code and article source for

Built with Hugo/Gitea/Drone

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